Mutual Assistance

Whereby one marginalised group assists another to mutual benefit of both groups...

Hosting Organisations

Marginalised groups from hosting countries include orphans in Bulgaria or street kids in Turkey...

Sending Organisations

Marginalised groups from sending countries including ex-offenders, former substance misuses and those in or leaving care...

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  • Sending Organisations

Welcome to our website!

 Welcome to our site, this site is dedicated to Mutual Assistance (MA), where by one marginalised group assists another to the mutual benefit of both groups. This has manifested itself in our current Transfer of Innovation (TOI) based on our mobility projects both funded by the Leonardo da Vinci programs. The projects entail recruiting and sending marginalised groups from the UK including ex offenders, former substance abusers and those in or leaving care, to assist orphans in Bulgaria or Street Children in Turkey; for what is described by the young people as a `life changing experience`

We are an advocate of Maslow`s Hierarchy  of needs, believing our projects touch all involved as Maslow wrote,  `We are not in a position in which we have nothing to work with. We already have capacities, talents, direction, missions, callings.`

80% of the participants upon their return enter in to employment, education or volunteering, the vast majority of the remainder improve their circumstances for eventual progression in to such career paths. It is due to these results that through the TOI we are now transfer our project to our partners in Spain and Italy, creating two legacies a European wide database as a hub for promoting and engaging organisations to undertake a MA project and a guide on how to implement such projects.


2014-01-24 13:21:46 Serbia Velika Plana Balkan Rock Initiative S Art and culture
2013-08-05 16:08:47 Bulgaria Sofia Bhagavat Trust Bulgaria C Children
2013-08-01 17:08:07 Bulgaria Elin Pelin Elin Pelin H Children
2013-07-29 10:51:04 Turkey Kocaeli Izmit Municipality C Urban/Rural development
2013-07-29 10:49:07 Turkey Koaceli Izmit Municipality C Urban/Rural development
2013-07-26 16:20:40 Bulgaria Sofia Bhagavat Bulgaria H Minorities
2013-07-22 22:19:47 Romania Timisoara Asociatia PROCOM Centru de Comunicare Profesionala S Youth policies
2013-07-22 11:28:21 Romania Costanta Cosvitec Est C Development cooperation

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