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 Izmit Municipality undertakes all local services effectively, efficiently and in harmony within its boundaries with its 980
municipality personnel.

As a centre City municipality, it has several functions and responsibilities in substructure, superstructure, health and environment. Izmit Municipality prepares many projects related education, culture, sports for women, youth, disabled and disadvantaged people, children as a target group to ensure realization of all kinds developmental implementation.

Izmit Municipality is the first municipality in its region, hosting and sending volunteers under European Volunteer Service Program and develops projects related to Youth Program. Izmit Municipality representatives also participated many international EU projects all around Europe and invited over 50 organizations to Izmit in several projects.

In all over Turkey, Izmit Municipality is one of 2 municipalities that is local relay of Eurodesk Turkey. As International Relations and EU Unit, we are organizing several conferences and trainings for young people to let them know about European opportunities. Last year more than 2.000 young people benefited from these activities.




Izmit Belediyesi Dış İlişkiler ve AB Birimi

Eurodesk Türkiye Yerel Temas Noktası

Izmit Municipality International Relations and EU Unit

Eurodesk Turkey Local Relay


Omeraga mah. Abdurrahman Yuksel Cad.

Belsa Plaza No:9 Izmit 41300

Kocaeli TURKEY

Tel: +90 262 318 00 00 / 1454

Fax: +90 262 318 00 36

URL: www.izmit.bel.tr