Transfer of Innovation Introduction

Bhagavat Educational Trust has been very fortunate, through the popularity of the mobility projects   ‘Living and Learning Abroad’ and the support of our National Agency ECORYS, we have been offered the opportunity of undertaking a Transfer of Innovation (TOI).

In essence this is where we transfer the ethos and ‘Modus-operandi’ to other countries, so in our particular case transferring the ‘Living and Learning Abroad’ project to Spain and Italy. Please note further details on the mobility project can be found by clicking on How it Works.

UK Publications

Mutual Assistance is where by one marginalised group assists another to the mutual benefit of both. Examples as with our current project include marginalised groups from the UK, ex-offenders, former substance abusers and those in or leaving care, assisting marginalised groups abroad, these include orphanages in Bulgaria and Street Children in Turkey.

From the sending countries we chose both Spain and Italy as they have the highest youth unemployment rate in Europe, 44% and 29% respectively. With reference to the hosting countries we have invited both Bulgaria and Turkey whom we have worked with extensively before to be our hosting partners.

The main aims of the TOI, through cross fertilisation of knowledge is to create a:


To create a generic guide for implementation of such mutual assistance projects in Europe. Lessons on implementation by the partners are learned, also best practice adopted to improve on our existing project, a comprehensive guide was then be produced.

Website and Database

To facilitate the implementation we also created this dedicated website and database which includes a comprehensive search facility matching suitable sending organisations with hosting organisations. Each organisation has a resource centre where they can upload details about their organisation including videos, pictures, information packs and so on; for further details please click on the The Turkish resource centre


In conjunction with our National Agency, a series of work packages have been devised to help ensure efficient implementations of the Mutual Assistance concept, these include:

  • Imparting information about the projects to the partners
  • Research & Needs Analysis in both sending & hosting countries
  • Creation of a typical profile of a young person and accompanying person
  • Piloting and Testing
  • Preparation and transfer of educational activities
  • Mobility preparation and application
  • Creation of a generic guide on implementing mutual assistance projects
  • Creation of a database
  • Quality assurance and evaluation
  • Dissemination


To facilitate these activities 5 seminars were held in Bulgaria, Turkey and Spain for all partners, at each seminar a main theme was the exchange between partners and cross-fertilisation of knowledge.

For a better understanding of the project please refer to the following link HANDBOOK this gives a comprehensive guide to the TOI project and its different facets.

We would very much welcome your thoughts regarding our project; please feel free to contact us at enquiries@mutualassistance.eu